How I Make Up To N2000 Daily With Recad Media

RecadMedia is a Digital Marketing Agency with roots in direct marketing. Recad Media Inc is the first company in Nigeria to promote Advertisers content by sharing its revenue with her publishers thereby creating an efficient means of maximizing the use of “Social Media” as a digital marketing agency.

Now i know you are already wondering how this concerns you; well let me break it down a little.
As a publisher with Recad Media, you’ll be making no less than N400 a day. How is this possible? Well the answer is very direct, Recad Media provides sponsored posts of various Advertisers on your account dashboard, your job is to share this posts on your Facebook profile, then you get paid N400 per post shared. Easy right! Now let me continue unfolding the idea:

Create a publisher account on Recad Media. Please kindly note that registration attracts a fee of N3000 only, this is in a bit to reduce the rate of users opening multiple accounts. Also note that, Recad Media has a 5days refund policy starting from the date your account is registered should in case for any reason you decide to opt out, you registration fee is refunded back to you.

Try as much as possible to always log on to your account daily, as sponsored posts will always be available. You get paid N400 per post you  share on your Facebook timeline.

Recad Media pays N1000 per each person you referred to the platform, this is only an incentive, and is absolutely not compulsory.

So if properly utilized, a publisher of Recad Media would be making no less than N2000 daily from the platform.


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