5 Reasons Why The Return Of Hulk Hogan Would Be Beneficial To Wrestling

In 2015, wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan left the wrestling business under some pretty interesting circumstances, where he used racial slurs during an adult tape. Now he has since apologised and has expressed interest in returning to wrestling. However it has left many people wondering if he should be allowed to enter the ring again.

Here are 5 reasons why the return of Hulk Hogan would be beneficial to wrestling!

His fan-base

It goes without saying, that he already has a huge fan base, and will bring that back to wrestling. As this is an arena where having a huge fan base means almost great success, he will have no problems with entertaining his fans and increasing his profile.

His general fitness…

Hulk Hogan has wrestled before, so it isn’t like he needs a lot of re-training, and has said that he feels that he is in great shape as he still works out. All he has to do is to get himself back into optimal fitness, and he can get himself back into the ring. Seeing him fight with some of the newbies will help the newbies realise what they can be capable off!

His experience!

Hulk Hogan has wrestled before, in fact, most of his life. And that experience will be crucial to help increase his profile and help the transition of wrestling into the new era. That said, he isn’t young anymore, so it could set up for some interesting and epic matches!

His star appeal…

Despite some controversies, he is still a huge star, and has been for many decades. He is almost guaranteed a great return of investment in wrestling, as his star power will draw in the big crowds who would like to see him perform in the ring.

In an era where the wrestling movement is changing, Hulk Hogan’s star appeal will help settle down any nerves.

Other wrestlers have made a comeback…

And his reception will most likely be no exception. Bearing in mind that he has huge star appeal before he left, plus the fact that other wrestlers have made a come back into the ring, so this will reignite his wrestling fan-base.

Wrestling is one of the few sports where the old can compete with the young. If Hulk Hogan comes back, this will be more evident. Expect large crowds, large epic performances, and even larger matches if Hulk Hogan returns to the ring.



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