TSTV To Begin Commercial Sales November 1

Telcomm Satellite TV (TSTV) says its newly inaugurated pay TV, TSTV Africa, will begin commercial operation on Nov. 1.

The Managing Director, Mr Bright Echefu, made this known while briefing newsmen on Saturday in Abuja, revealing that the company would from Monday, deploy about 5,000 decoders to customers for free, and would also be installed for the customers to enable them to test the reception, services and claims of the company.
Then also revealed that the delay in the commercial deployment of decoders to customers was to prevent sabotage by unscrupulous elements He who would want to frustrate the company.

He said;
We have not commenced commercial sales of our decoders because we are aware of the fact that we are running a business easily frustrated by competition.

“We had applications from over 3,000 individuals who want to be our dealers, so far we have cleared about 750 of the dealers. We are currently conducting due diligence checks on our dealers.

We do not want a situation where individuals posing as dealers buy up our decoders and go dump them somewhere.”

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