Singer Harrysong React To Sue Producer, Dr Amir For His “Fake N45M Lawsuit

The management company of Nigerian singer, Harrison Tare Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong has reacted to reports circulating online about a purported suit filed by producer, Dr. Amir, against Alterplate Chief Executive, Harrysong.

Recall, former Five Star Music Producer Dr Amir had dragged Kcee and Harrysong to court, claiming Harrysong stole his song ‘Samankwe’ and was demanding N45m.

Also, Dr Amir also filed a similar suit against Five Star Music artiste Kcee for unauthorized publishing of the song “Afro-shake” produced and written by him.

Now, according to the alter plate management, the suit was a childish stunt and appeals to the public to disregard the publication as a bad joke.

The statement read;
“Earlier, on Monday this week (September 25, 2017), Amir called to intimate us of his plan to stir a controversy using Harrysong’s name, an idea we objected to even before he could spell the details. It was very alarming to read about a suit he purportedly filed against our boss in some section of the media, on September 27, 2017,” says the management in an official statement they issued concerning the matter.

“Of pertinence, is the fact that as at the time of putting this piece together, we have not been served any legal note by any chambers representing him or whatsoever (of course, no notable legal office can subject itself to such disingenuousness).

“However, for Dr. Amir to think he could ride on Harrysong’s popularity and image to make himself relevant is not only jesting to his career, but totally unacceptable to us and very nauseating too. As a reputable company, we have a unique way of spreading our contents using the media, stunting is definitely not part of it.

“Asides suggesting that the young man subjects himself to a proper brain evaluation, we at Alterplate feel he has also crossed a dangerous line and betrayed our friendship with him and as such, he will hear from our lawyers in no time.

For avoidance of doubt, we have here, proof of a text message he sent to Harrysong yesterday, trying to pacify him,” the statement added.

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